session end:

Unfortunately, your browser is currently unsupported by our web application. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Please use one of the supported browsers listed below, or draw the image you want using an offline tool.

Supported browsers: Opera, Firefox, Safari, and Konqueror.


1. The Next Target will appear at the top left, where there is now a gray square. The Next Target is not there yet. You will be viewing a future event, the appearance of the Next Target at the top left of the screen.

2. Tell yourself you want to remote view the Next Target, then do it. Tip: Don't stare at the gray square, trying to see through it. Instead, close your eyes and quiet your mind. Note the surprising images that appear in your awareness. Don't name, don't guess.

3. Draw what you viewed in the drawing area at top right. There are 3 drawing tools to choose from in the pull-down menu.

4. Please type your viewing notes in the text area at lower right.

5. Click the Next Target button to advance to the Next Target.

6. Take a screenshot to document your successful viewing!

7. To try again, click the Reload Page button, then repeat step 1.