Stan and Jacques . Assemblage . 48" x 60" x 18"

Click here for Stan detail . Click here for Jacques detail.

Stan and Jacques consists of two UFO detectors of contending designs. The first detector, Stan, is a magnetic field detection model based on a design published in the magazine UFOS AND FLYING SAUCERS 1967, which assumes UFOs to be physical machines employing some form of magnetic propulsion (an idea popularized in the mid 70's by ufologist/nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman). The second detector, Jacques, is a microwave detection model of our own design, which assumes UFOs to be psychic constructs produced by the action of ambient microwave energy upon the human brain (an idea propounded, also in the mid 70's, by ufologist / astrophysicist Jacques Vallee). If and when either detector senses a UFO, its own distinctive alarm will sound, thus providing a clue as to the true nature of the UFO phenomenon.

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